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                                                       WHO WE ARE

The proprietors of the African Nile Books, online book store welcome you to browse through our Catalog of African, African American and African Diaspora historical, biographical and scholarly materials.  We would be very grateful, if you would introduce us to your family members, friends, and associates.    

Our Purpose is to collaborate with institutions (churches, schools, corporations) and individuals, to providing materials, to the general public that, speaks and present positive images, regarding African people; hopefully, our efforts will create opportunities of interest, where the general public will began to read and understand (correctly) more about the African and African American experience.  To that point, we are making available to the general public documented scholarly evidence of the many contributions African People have made to the betterment of society.

Our Vision is to provide you with a repository of enjoyable academic and historically sound research materials that will present a much-needed positive counterbalance to many of today's media stereotypes of Africa and its African descendants. 

Historically, The Nile River in Africa has made it possible for civilizations along it's banks to thrive and flourish for years; for that same reason, Our Mission is to provide books that will contribute to the growth and development of our nation's young minds and provide them with the wherewithal that will be supportive of them having the confidence to achieve their full potential. 

Moreover, we at African Nile Books seek to inform our nation's youth and adults regarding, all of our nation's Afrocentric history, and to instill a sense of pride in our nation's people regarding a more inclusive American History; through such an actuate and positive media, ultimately we will, dispel the stereotypical negative images that often dominate society, while serving as an insidious source of social failure.

We believe, strongly and collectively, that this is a step in the right direction, in promoting knowledge about our nation's past and present accomplishments made by people of the African continent and the African Diaspora. 

What's more, acknowledging the contributions of  Africa and African people as co-creators of our nation and nations of the world will assist in facilitating a dialogues regarding African people (as with other ethnic groups), as people who have influences our nation's culture, economic and politic here at home and on other parts of the world.  We strongly believe that our collection of volumes will feed the literary minds of those who hunger for positive and scholarly facts about Africans, in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. 

To meet such an arduous task, our inventory consists of volumes of works by great authors, whose titles fit within twenty-seven expansive literary categories.   We hope these categories will address the subject areas that meet many of your specific needs.  In this way, we can collaborate with you in helping to promote Africa and African descendant people throughout the Diaspora, in a positive light. 

Our books speak of the splendor of the lands of Kings, Queens, Emperors, and Empresses of Africa, who were involved in the formation of complex civilizations.  In addition, there have been many valuable scientific contributions made by well-known scientists, of African descendant, like Dr. George Washington Carver, Dr. Percy Julian, Imhotep, Elijah McCoy, Dr. Lonnie Johnson, Mae Jemison, and Dr. Charles Drew. 

There were political game changers like Zenobia, a Queen of The Kongo, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois, Fannie Lou Hamer, Booker T. Washington, and President Barrack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, just to name a few.  

Therefore, after reviewing our inventory, based on its numerous categories, titles and the strength of their historical content, we hope you will agree that, we can be an essential resource in supporting your literary needs, as they pertain to African and African American literature. 

We thank you for this "lengthy amount of time and attention you have taken" to discover what we are all about.  We especially thank you for giving us this opportunity to describe Our Purpose, Our Vision and Our Mission.  We look forward to providing such an important and helpful literary service to you.  

SHIPPING AND REFUNDS:  Our intend to present to you quality books that meet the highest standard.  In support of the aforementioned, after receiving an order and you find that the book is not as advertised, notify us within (5) business days of receipt and we will gladly grant you a refund, minus the shipping cost.

VOLUME DISCOUNT:  We offer volume discounts for individuals and institutions who wish to develop or increase their core-Afrocentric-library resources with books that are mainly concerned with the historical, cultural and traditional-customs of African people.  Please call us at 973-539-5550, we will be happy to discuss our terms with you in detail, should you be interested. 


















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